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Vaxx On, Vaxx off


Renato, Bush Radio’s 22-year-old logistics and programming intern, took the big step this week and went for the first part of his Covid-19 vaccination.

He said he was very nervous and hates needles, but like so many people in our worldwide community he has been directly affected by the pandemic with the loss of family members.

“My experience on getting the vaccine, it was quick and fast, I looked away for a second and it was over. It literally felt like a prick. With my side effects, I just felt a little bit of a headache, a little bit of chills. My arm was just a little bit sore for about two days and on the second day my headache and chills went away and on the third day I was up, back and running,” said Renato. 

Along with several volunteers, staff and interns he went to the CTICC vaccination site to get his jab on Monday morning. 

He decided to get the jab after studying the facts available and knowing that he is helping to safeguard his family and colleagues at the station, and the communities Bush Radio serve when going out on projects like outside broadcasts and events. 

Renato also has on-air duties, so if you would like to ask him or find out about his Covid-19 vaccination experience tune in on Monday, September 20, 2021, from 2pm till 4pm on Backchat when you can message or call him.

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Basic protective measures against the Novel #Coronavirus – click here

Official websites for accurate information regarding COVID19:

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

Regulations and Guidelines – Coronavirus Covid-19

World Health Organisation

Western Cape Government Health Department

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