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From the archive: Reel-to-reel editing 1998


1998: 14 year-old Michael Tshoko, a Bush Radio CREW (Children’s Radio Education Workshop) member editing a piece of audio on reel-to-reel.

Watch the video clip below to see how we used to edit:

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From the archive: Tamara Dey


This picture was taken at Bush Radio in the mid 2000’s when singer Tamara Dey (centre) visited us as part of the Children’s Radio Education Workshop (CREW).

See if you can spot:

Michael Tshoko, Jill Ockers, Leonie Louw, Springs Mahulutshana, Akhona Ngoqo, Wendy Burnell, Carmen Esau, Cikiswa Njana and Simone Bosman.

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