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Listener support for pledge drive


Bush Radio 89.5FM has been broadcasting legally since the 9 August 1995 and this past week saw the station embark on a pledge drive to assist with the sustainability. Today volunteer Dyllan Canterbury hosted a marathon show from 6 am to 12 pm to try and get more pledges for the station.

Some of the people who came to show their support to the marathon show

We hope that through the pledge drive the station will be able to continue broadcasting and run it’s community projects, which range from HIV and AIDS education though to putting on rain covers to help keep people dry in winter.

According to Elizabeth Knipe, from Mitchells Plain¬†(a listener since the switch on in 1995), she came to the station today to show her support. She says it is the first time in 14 years that the station had to make an appeal for help and she had to come and drop off her family’s pledge to make sure Bush Radio can continue its work. She hopes that organisations and other listeners will do the same.

According to another listener, Cathy Naido from Bontheheuwel on the Cape Flats,  it is important that the station keep doing what it does, especially helping to find children who go missing. (Bush Radio changes it programmes when a child is reported missing and helps with the search).

Even though the on-air pledge drive comes to and end today, you can still donate (CLICK HERE FOR INFO)

Local artists also came to join Dyllan on air, watch a special performance by Shaz & B and Apple and Cinnamon below.

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