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WEEKDAYS: The Breakfast Rush – with Yuzriq Meyer (Monday to Friday 07h00 – 10h00)

rise shine breakfastrush

Start your day with Yuzriq who’ll wake and shake you up and keep you going . With great upbeat music – at least 50% local tracks and a mix of news, shout-outs, interviews, traffic, weather and entertainment – this morning show is just what the doctor ordered for those blue Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays…


The Morning Cruise with Mkhuseli Veto (Monday to Friday 10h00 – 12h00)

The Morning Cruise is an informative magazine programme, featuring interviews on a range of topics, designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of Cape Town. With; Word of the day, Trivia questions, Info Guide, Job shop, Tip of the day and Quote of the Day the programme is guaranteed to keep you current and get you talking. The show aims to educate, enlighten, empower and inform listeners about issues concerning their daily lives without being boring.


Sakhisizwe – bou die nasie, building the nation with  Jasnine Roberts (Monday to Friday 12h00 – 14h00)

Sakhisizwe is a discussion-based show highlighting current affairs with guests from civil society, local, provincial and national government; political parties and activists. The show also features writers, academics, performance artists, community workers. Guests share experiences, expertise, and information. The show offers guidance on how to make better choices about issues concerning your daily life. Knowledge is power and this is where you will find both.


Backchat with Thomas Cedrick / Renato Van Schalkwyk (Monday to Friday 14h00 – 16h00)

This is where you find out what the Cape Flats is thinking and feeling. The emphasis is on township developments and events The programme includes local and international musicians & artists and other dynamic individuals and groups.


Everyday People (Monday to Friday 16h00 – 19h00)

Lerato and Phiwe

After a long day of meetings, school and endless chores,why not kick back and relax with your daily dose of Everyday People. Packed with insightful conversations that tackle business and finances, health, sports and even the arts, Everyday People is sure to not only inspire but make you think and celebrate the beauty of Cape Town. Hosted by Lerato Mashile and Phiwe Manata, the drive time show is set to make sure that your afternoons are filled with contagious laughs, the latest music and heartfelt conversations. After all it’s all about your voice and your stories…. it’s EVERYDAY PEOPLE.


CREW – Children’s Radio Education Workshop (Saturdays 09h00 – 12h00)

Some of the members of the 2013 CREW radio programmes
Some of the members of the 2013 CREW radio programmes

The CREW project trains children between 6 and 19 years old how to research, write scripts, produce, engineer, edit and present their own radio programmes. The childen are divided into the following age groups to enable them to cover content suitable for their ages and understanding: The idea behind CREW is to provide children with access to the airwaves in order for them to express themselves, to produce material relevant to themselves and their peers, and ultimately to become more critical media consumers. (CREW and media education)

The children and youth represent almost every group of youth in South Africa -black, white, muslim, christian, refugees, middle and working class. The children are encouraged to take on topics that are of interest to them, with a combination of serious and light issues ranging from sharing cooking recipes to abuse and racism. Crew contributes to the children directly involved and those listening by leading them away from an attitude of indifference so they grow up to be conscious, independent thinking adults.



The Biker Show (Mondays 19h00 – 22h00)

Divided into 30 minute segments the 3 hour show now picks up the pace and tightly packs in the information to educate all who use our roads while keeping you entertained with anecdotes, quips and insights into what makes biking a popular pastime in the Mother City and beyond.

Guests from various parts of our motorcycling world – from motorcycle clubs to individual adventurers, activists and deserving charities and causes all join us to bring you their very special stories.

We get to the nuts and bolts of technical issues, discuss the day to day issues that bug you and we unpack the topics of relevance to road users and bikers in particular.

Music is provided by several resident DJs and it simply rocks!

Professional Road Safety advice and information coupled with traffic law insights and information rounded off with Bike/Rider safety issues around common errors when riding and defensive riding/driving practice all seek to keep us all alive and having fun.

So tune in or miss out!

The Wrong Rock Show (Mondays 22h00 – 00h00)

Tune in to the Wrong Rock Show hosted by Botha Kruger as he takes you on a journey beyond the limitations of the mainsteam to a place where vintage rock ‘n roll can rub shoulders with anarchic post-rock. (Check out the facebook page)

“Rock ‘n Roll is sung, and written for the most part by cretinous goons” – Frank Sinatra (1957).

The Wrong Rock Show is also available on Mixcloud.


Connected 2 Jazz (Tuesdays 20h00 – 22h00)

Nigel Vermaas
Nigel Vermaas plays South African and international jazz from his own collection. Connections are made, new musical avenues explored. The relationship between jazz and other music is a recurring theme. –

Watch the video promo


The Sublime Drum and Bass Show (Tuesdays 22h00 – 00h00)

DJ Hyphen in the mix

The longest and first running drum and bass show in Africa, the Sublime dnb show is hosted by DJ Hyphen with many of the worlds renowned drum n bass producers and djs. No show never sounds the same the motto being “you never know what you might get on the Sublime Drum n Bass Show. Drum n Bass has found its roots in many forms of music which keep it cutting edge with influences from the genres of dance hall, reggae, techno, hip hop, house, jazz, funk, disco, punk and electronica.


Community Radio Production Showcase (Wednesdays 19h00 – 22h00)


Soul Makossa(Wednesdays 22h00 – 00h00) Soul Makossa (the name of the show derived from a megahit by Manu Dibango in 1972) brings you African music from all corners of the continent – catering for any soul wanting to connect with Africa. Inviting all Africans who appreciate our rich cultural heritage to come celebrate our music. This show promotes and restores the legacy of great artists who devoted their lives to exploring and developing new sounds, and is also a forum of praise for living legends and young talent.


Level Da Vibes (Thursdays 22h00 – 01h00)

Level Da Vibes is an easy going, fun, upbeat, unique reggae music show featuring an array of music and culture from around the world to our local artists. Our mission is to shift negative into positive vibrations – hence the name “level da vibes”.


Headwarmaz (Fridays 22h00 – 01h00)
The best in home-grown and international hip hop. The programme features cameo DJ appearances, dedications, artist profiles, tips to perfecting your and intense and critical discussions.
TheDank!sh (Saturdays 18h00 – 20h00)
Are you bored of all the same old mediocre bollocks you find on the rest of the internet (and now radio)? Well so are we! We aim to inform, challenge, engage and inspire all out there to be thinkers, encouraging your opinions and participation in our quest to find the dankist things out there!
Young, fresh and opinionated, this cutting edge mix of radio journalists, street artists, T.V camera people and other industry professionals. This dynamic and well travelled team have collaborated with fresh young people from around the world who aim to always give you TheDank!sh.

A few dankish examples of what they have in store for you are music reviews by Hip-hop producer Arsenic (music with a maniac). We’ll also be tracking the latest in street style developments from dank rides to fashion and all the dankish in between.


Retro-Rewind (Sundays 10h00 – 12h00)
1 retro rewind promo copy
Retro-Rewind will be spinning all the forgotten club classics ranging from the late 70s to late 90s. The first half of the show will concentrate more on jazz & slow jams. The  second half goes more uptempo, playing disco classics that promised to make u get up and move. As the name says, we’ll be taking you back…to your school days, your first kiss or maybe even your first broken heart.


The Love Booth (Sundays 12h00 – 14h00)
1 love booth promo copy
The Love Booth will give you the best of Rhythm and Blues, mixing the new with the old. With an album of the week feature, artist features and your song of the week – The Love Booth is where lover’s meet.
Jazz on Bush (Sundays 14h00 – 16h00)

Dr Victor Davids

Jazz on Bush is where smooth jazz lives. Dr Victor takes you a fantastic jazz journey, interviewing artists and playing only the best in international, local (especially that special Cape Town flavour) music.

The Flashback (Sundays 16h00 – 18h00)
A social movement for people who appreciate 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Disco, Soul, New Wave, Pop and Jazz-Funk. The music is strictly retro. The Flashback is the only true old school experience.


The Unhappy Hour/s (Sundays 18h00 – 20h00)

Their mission is to guide you beyond your musical journeys and into the recesses of your souls to where your grass is blue. Need we say more?


Blues in the Bush (Sundays 20h00 – 22h00)

With its roots firmly in African soil, yet germinating in a far continent in conditions of slavery and extreme hardship, the Blues has flowered and grown over generations to be the single greatest influence in modern popular music. The presenter has an extensive collection of rare blues albums and plays the music, as well as providing detailed information about the evolution of blues, the social and cultural contexts of the music, and information about individual tracks.

Since October 1996, a tasty two hours of the best of The Blues, along with something of its history, origin, development, sociology and biography, is prescribed every Sunday evening by the Blues Doctor Ian Bell, as immunisation against the rest of the week!


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20 Responses to “Programme Schedule”

  1. 16 years of playing the Blues « Bushradio 89.5 FM Says:

    […] out our programme schedule for more specialist programmes (CLICK HERE) Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  2. Mia Steenkamp Says:

    Dear Bush Radio,
    I’m a music student from the University of Cape Town researching South African music. I’ve noticed you play quite a lot of (South) African music on the station and was hoping you could send me a summary of a week’s music on all programs.

    Kind Regards
    Mia Steenkamp

    • bushradio Says:

      Please direct your request to the Programme Integrator adrian(at)bushradio(dot)co(dot)za

      Please indicate what the information will be used for.


  3. Brendhan Dickerson Says:

    viva live streaming viva (I live in Betty’s Bay), also the spirit of no compromise which bush radio, more than any other in the country still upholds. I love the real people aspect of BR, your political stance, tri-lingualism as well as the fact that you dare… Looking forward to a wonderful sunday of listening.

  4. 17 years later and the Blues keeps getting sweeter | Bushradio 89.5 FM Says:

    […] out our programme schedule for more specialist programmes (CLICK […]

  5. jaydene AKA Ras Dan Says:

    Level da vibz..every thursday night.I definitly can’t miss it…Albert make it burn

  6. Leibre Says:

    Hi,I was interviewed by Bushradio at NELSON MANDELA HOTEL while knitting 67 min blanket day for MADIBA,how can I get a copy of that recording plse.I would like to share it with my family.Love BUSHRADIO.Thnx Leibre

  7. Keith Says:

    enjoying the Saturday Crew progamme. Impressive young people & programme. Well done bush radio & the CREW. What an experience it must be for them, but wonderful hearing it here in US

  8. Iron Tooth Monsters: Review | Says:

    […] African Dope releases. Any other Grimes music I’d heard, had either been from internet downloads, Bush Radio’s Headwarmaz hip hop show and from a memorable event I’d attended at Cape Town’s arts and […]

  9. bushradio Says:

    Hi Candice, we don’t give out individual email addresses but send all correspondence to the Programme Integrator, Adrian Louw adrian(at) bushradio (dot) co (dot)za

  10. Monte Gail Says:

    I love bushradio! Bushradio best station in Cape town. It accommodates me as a young black woman from the 90s.

  11. Bruce Solomon Says:

    I love the rawness and purity of bush radio please dont ever become commercialised like the rest of the radio stations in Cape Town. Keep up the great work.

  12. nkosi Says:

    i love bushradio

  13. Conradie Says:

    Can you please send me your playlist for this morning!! Thank You

  14. B. Mwanda Says:

    Good day Bush radio

    I am an aspiring news reader and I would enjoy and appreciate it if you could give me an opportunity of becoming a news anchor.


  15. Munro Borcherds Says:

    Dear Bush Radio
    Is there any chance of bringing back the Liquid Fridge Show or do you have any info re where he plays nowadays please?
    Thank you.

  16. dannyboy Says:

    Dear bush radio my name is Danny boy and I’m final year journalism student. I need practical hours so I can graduate I wanted to find out if u offer programmes were I can be able to obtain 1000 hours. I’d really appreciate it

  17. Lisa Rudman Says:

    Hello Mama and friends. DO you still ever play Making Contact from

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