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12 Responses to “Listen live here”

  1. Gail Ferndale Says:

    Lovely stuff, i will support.

  2. 21 Crew Says:

    we are a group from hanover park. how do we get you to support us bringing our music out. so the country can listen to us. we are very good. if you dont believe it…. alll you need to do is listen… just two minutes

    • bushradio Says:

      Please send your music to the station either by dropping it off during office hours (09h00 – 16h00) or posting it to: Programme Integrator – P.O. Box 13290, Mowbray, 7705.

      We look forward to hearing it.

  3. Lesle Says:

    I cant agree that the term Coloured as opposed to Khoesan just comes down to semantics as the presenter said. There are historical, legal and deep cultural differences in using and associating with these two terms. These different representations we have to investigate. This is particularly important as our social ills as a coloured community is disproportionately represented through the prison population (with us being up to 80% of the prison population); gangsterism, drug abuse, etc. We have no land or the institutional support that would ensure a sense of wellbeing collectively. So its disconcerting to know that we are fine with being representative of all these negative stereotypes and not investigating our historical trauma to ensure we somehow start to heal our community of all these destructive behaviours and legally find a basis to address our continued marginalization in post apartheid South Africa. thanks

  4. anezwa zono Says:

    hi guys this is anezwa zono….jst want to tell you guys eTokyo niyavakala…im listenig you live from frm Tokyo

  5. David Whatley Says:

    Hi Guys, interesting discussion about the cape flats – listening to you from Grassington, North Yorkshire in UK after finding you on Radio Garden. Make sure there is a link to the details on your site
    Good Luck
    David Whatley-Holmes

  6. stanton Schippers Says:

    Morning mr meyer that is mal mix I wana know wher can I find it on this best radio station

  7. Unathi Says:

    Enjoy bush radio

  8. Bronwyn Says:

    Good morning to the Bush crew I want to tell u that Mr Meyer is the best don’t every let him go as he is the President that makes ur station rock Love you lots Yuzriq u the boom

  9. Farhaaz Sayed Says:

    Loved the segment with angelo last night

  10. Tyrese Dewet Says:

    Mr Meyer

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