Bush Radio 89.5 FM

Office: 021 448 5450

Studio: 021 448 6266

SMS: 32158

Fax: 021 448 5451


Postal Address: P.O. Box 13290, Mowbray, 7705

Physical: 330 Victoria Road, Salt River, 7925


107 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Craigh Smith Says:

    Good day

    We are updating our media list, and would like to obtain a contact person and e-mail address to which we can send a press release for each of the following categories: News, Sport, What’s on, and other. Kindly forward us the details of the applicable person dealing with this at your station.

    Many thanks,


  2. Colleen Says:

    I often enjoy listening to Bush Radio and it is great that you have programs from around the world.

    However, tonight when I was listening I was wondering who chooses the programs that are aired? I was listening to a whole program on American sports – and although I have travelled extensively throughout the States I was wondering who on earth would be interested in American sports here in Cape Town? Also the program is ONE YEAR OLD!!! (they were talking about a movie that was released and a book that was published in the States a year ago!!)

    So thanks for the international shows but please please try and keep them relevant and up to date!


    November 2009

  3. Marlon Says:

    I am a ocassional radio listener, cause I’m a busy guy, but I’m enjoying this morning’s R&B mix on 89.5FM, Dyllan Caterbury..

    I am enjoying a live set, and not a pre-recorded set. Great job so far DC !!!!!!

    Warm Regards
    Marlon Smith
    Ayoba Bush Radio

  4. Peter Says:

    Dear Bush Radio

    This is a message for Nigel Vermaas. I always listen to his Saturday evening jazz programme when I find myself in Cape Town. It educates while allowing one to relax! His recent shows about profiles of little known musicians were very interesting. Will it be possible to expand this to other artists such as Bud Powell, Eric Dolphy, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane (my favourite) and Charles Mingus?

    Thanks for the wonderful tribute to Bra Wynston Ngozi!


    • bushradio Says:

      Dear Peter,

      thank you very much for your comment. We have forwarded it to Nigel.

      Keep listening.

  5. Stephen Says:

    I recently completed a basic Radio presenting course. I now wish to acquire practical presenting skills. How can you assist me?



    • bushradio Says:

      Contact to get details of our ICG broadcasting course. It is a two week intensive course focussing on practical radio skills

      • Lusanda Papiyana Says:

        Hi Sharon I would love to be in that broadcasting course how can I apply and what do I need in order to be able to attend it…

  6. Elora Says:

    Hi! I am a senior at the University of Minnesota studying Community Organizing, Political Science and Global Studies. I absolutely love Bush Radio’s mission and more importantly am in awe of the work you all are doing with exposing youth to critically analyzing and shaping media while building leadership through programs in Cape Town communities. I will be studying at the University of Cape Town and I am looking for an internship, and it would be fantastic if I could learn and work with Bush Radio (especially in the Human Potential Development sector). Who could I contact regarding this opportunity and how can I learn more information about interning at Bush Radio?
    Thank you all for your work and your challenge to mainstream media!


    Hi there

    could you give me the name of your music manager please.


    amanda reyneke

  8. Samkele memeza Says:

    hallow there

    am a student @ the university of the western cape who love the radio station and music…also dreaming of being a radio dj one day….was wondering if you got any opportunities for people like me to realize their dreams..


  9. Wendy Says:


    I dropped off a CD with the station, about two weeks ago. Please advise what now?

  10. Claude Prince Says:

    I am currently in the process of completing work on my album.

    Once all tracks have undergone final mastering I would like to submit it for your consideration.

    What would be the process I would need to undertake?

    Which audio formats should the tracks be encoded to?
    Compressed(128/190/320kbps mp3/WMA/WAV) or CD Audio?

    Also, I have three tracks ready for the final album that I provide as free downloads via my label website – i.e online singles.

    Would it be possible to forward those as a “taste-test” so that you may decide if my product fits in your market area.

    Your help is greatly appreciated

    • bushradio Says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      You can submit tracks in most formats – mp3 would probably be easiest as we do play tracks as low as 128kbps. submit via and make it attention Music Library or you could post or drop it off at the station during office hours (09h00 – 16h00).


  11. Khanya Says:


    How do I get an event aired on your radio station?

    • bushradio Says:

      It depends on the event. If it is a community event (not selling a product/service) it can be aired via the Community Information Network (CIN)…send the details to If it is a commercial event we can arrange a good advertising package which will meet your needs. Please call 021 448 5450.

  12. POPOZA Says:

    good day, i want to send a demo to the right person, who is the program director and how may i contact him/her. thank you

    • bushradio Says:

      All demos can be sent to the Programme Integrator P.O. Box 13290, Mowbray, 7705 or you can arrange to drop off by calling 021 448 5450 (09h00 – 16h00 only!).

      Please make sure the demo is clearly marked with name and contact details, also note demos are NOT returned.

      Good Luck!

  13. Joseph Ngige Says:

    Hi? can you help me start a community radio here in kenya? i have already built an fm Transmitter and tested to be ok.

    • bushradio Says:


      please send a mail to with more information on how we could help. We assisted some stations in Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique and we may be able to give you some info.


  14. patrao Says:

    good day, i did a demo on commercial voice overs with Cragc Damsta one of 1 cape town producers, im currently working with him, my voice is appealing to the public. anything you can offer me i will be greatful, i applied for various internship posts at your station, im fluent and have strong ability to pronounce. please how can i get hold of you i need to send my demo to your e mail address if possible.

    • bushradio Says:

      Call the station at 021 4485450 and arrange a time when you can drop off your demo. Mark it attention Programming.

  15. Etienne Says:

    I try to send you a e-mail, I do arrive to do that…
    What’s your email adress?

  16. Etienne Says:

    Hello i sent you a email but i dont have an answer… I’m In my last year In high school in France. I Will have my exam!!! I hope!! I would like to go to south Africa In the next year because i would like to speak english a meet new people and mainly speak about music! I would like to travel to live a news experiences in my live!!So do you take trainers?

  17. victor davids Says:

    The article in the Cape Argus of 07/09/2011 is pretty depressing.

    • Zane Ibrahim Says:

      I,m sure we too felt depressed in the middle of our struggle back the Doc we Shall overcome especially with folks like you and I in the ranks

  18. Thabang Says:


    My name is Thabang my dream is to work on Radio as a Presenter @ Bush Radio please advise with steps to follow for my dream to come true , i do have a good voice and confidence ,can reply on my e-mail .


  19. henrik alm Says:


    i’m a exchange student from germany and there isn’t around anything of similar quality. respect!!!

    what’s the name of the track playing around 13:55-13:58 p.m?!?
    thank you!!!

    best regard,


  20. Sindile Mayekane Says:

    Hey 89.5 Fam…. Just wanna know how If an Upcoming Artist would like to post(for Bush Radio to push the Artists tracks) his or her single track to Bush Radio what procedure must he follow or do???

    Nice Show by Sive & Crew u Rock.


  21. Kabelo Says:

    Hi Bush,

    I’m an aspiring Dj and would like to find out the process/procedure to be followed in order to be featured on your shows.

    • bushradio Says:

      Please post your mix to PO Box 13290, Mowbray, 7705 with your details for attention the Breakfast show. They feature mixes in the morning or on Everyday people in the afternoon.

  22. Karen Says:

    Carlo and Quinton rock!

  23. Sizwe Says:

    Good day

    I have been a follower of Bush Radio for many years and I love the on air talent and the quality programmes I hear.

    I was once a part of community radio sometime back in the Eastern Cape and I loved each and every minute of it. I am now working in a different field and I have an interest of associating myself with radio again as the love and passion for radio is still in me. I would love to pay Bushradio a visit just to experience the radio atmosphere I love. What are my chances of visiting the
    station and possibly perform some voluntary tasks? I am not looking for a salary as I am currently working but I would love to work as a volunteer for Bushradio in order to feed the radio hunger I am experiencing.

  24. Malwande Nxuseka Says:

    I jst want to find out how do i need to do i want to do a radio presenting practise

  25. Lusindiso Mayambela Says:

    I am looking for a volunteering opportunity as a news reader and commecials,I am available anytime.thank you.

  26. mpondo mbasa Says:

    hala 89.5 fm(bush raido) i am the hiop hpo rapper from ever shine records if iwant my tracks to be played at bush raido what must i do?

  27. LiquidIce Mbadamana Says:

    I’m currently studying for a Diploma in Sound Engineering. Who are the relevant people must i talk to so that i can set up some kind of meeting about internship opportunities?

    Thank You

    Salizwa Mbadamana
    ND Sound Engineering
    Cape Audio College

  28. duncan mutiso Says:

    i’m a clearing student doing communication . can i work as an intern student in your radio station

    • bushradio Says:

      Yes it is possible. You need to apply to the station – address your request to the programme integrator

  29. Mously Says:

    Can u plz update me when u hv jobs lined up.. Am a poet n would love 2 start my own show thats showcasing poems of underground poets like myself… Thanx. I love bush radio and i listen a lot to headwarmerz as it inspire me when writing my poems.

  30. Angela Says:

    Hi there bush radio.
    My collegue & I were known as “the Saints” at the station when we interned about 7 years ago, tho we have both moved out of radio now.
    Browsing the internet radios this morning and came across Bush Radio, so had to listen in of course 🙂 Fantastic quality listening here in the middle of the ocean.
    Could you say hi to – Adrian Lowe, Bassie M, and Victor J, and to any of the ‘old crew’ that are still hanging in there.
    Angela xx

  31. j arrow Says:

    Hi there

    I’m kindly enquiring music submissions,is this the correct email to send it too?
    Rapid response would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

  32. David Brits Says:

    Hi there,

    I work for an organisation in Cape Town that is hosting a conference on audiovisual digitisation and archiving in November (as part of teh French South African Seasons 2012/13). I am wanting to invite Shepi Mati to attend and am wanting his contact details. Perhaps you can provide them?

    Thanks very much,


    • bushradio Says:

      Dear David,

      please mail adrian(at)bushradio(dot)co(dot)za – If it is the INA conference Bush Radio will also be part of it.


  33. bilqees Says:

    Hi do you mybe know somewhere I can send my singing recording to I’ve sang all my life and now I want to start letting other people hearing my voice.please help

  34. wiseman Says:

    I Would like to submit my music demo to your radio station what most i do

  35. Seb Says:

    I’m from England and heard about the sublime drum and bass show from a South African friend on Facebook. Its sick! How can I down load the sets to keep on my phone? Any help would be good. Thanks. Seb

  36. Toni Brockhoven Says:

    Prof Stephen Marcus Finn was on air Thur 17 Jan promoting the launch of his latest work, The Story of Humphrey the Hereford, at Erin Hall, Erin Road Rondebosch at 630 Tues 22nd, which is opp Rondebosch Common, behind the bowls club. If listeners wish to join us for the launch please e-mail for catering purposes.

  37. Megha Says:

    Hi, I am a 3rd year Journalism student and have an interest in gaining practice at your radio station. Specifically with Al-John Sprout, presenter of The Sublime Drum and Bass Show. His show is my absolute favourite and I wanted to know what I need to do in order to apply for an interniship. My internship begins in May 2013.

    Thank You
    Meghan Lundall

    • bushradio Says:

      Dear Meghan,

      you are welcome to apply to intern at Bush Radio but we do not place journalism students to specific shows – they normally work in the newsroom as per their internship requirements.


  38. Ronnie Mike Says:

    Hey. I love listening to BushRadio. I am also a up and coming music artist. I wanted to know if i could send any of my music to you for possible air play. Thanks alot. Keep up the good work. Ronnie Mike

  39. Andrew Herriot Says:

    I really would like to make contact with Erika Lundi (can you help?) if she is the great singer that sung with Roy Peterson at the Maseru Holiday Inn in 1976/77/78. My name is Andrew Herriot and I live in Stanford and I am still playing keyboard.

  40. Regon Classen Says:

    Hi, I’m a club dj and would like to know what the pprocedure is to be able to do a live set at your studio

  41. Keith Recore Says:

    Enjoying Bush Radio, Sunday’s Love Boat right, here in USA. I also have enjoyed some archive material and some live segments, like Building a Nation, as I absorb everything SA. Happy to have found you.

  42. sabello Says:

    Hey guys want to know if I can send my song to this email address with the relevant details.

  43. pleazi Says:

    guyz how can i get my song played on the radio because i want to be famous

  44. bradley Says:

    much love 2 katalina,i would like 2 know the background music that plays when she talks. send 2 my email plz. i did ask her but line was inaudible.

  45. Shawn Greyling Says:

    Heya, guys and gals. I am an independent film maker from Joburg producing a documentary about radio stations that rebelled against the National Party during apartheid. I’ve sent an email to email address but not sure it was the correct one to send it to. I’d like to arrange an interview or four for later this year, and perhaps if I can ask if Bush Radio has any archive photos and such we can use… oh, and we have been in contact with Noam Chomsky (who visited Bush Radio in ’98) and he’s keen for an interview as well.

  46. Keith Says:

    Very impressed with the quality of your young presenters on the CREW show. Continued success to you & them. Their questions & enthusiasm on the disability discussion was very well done. keep up the good job CREW

  47. Brandon Webster AKA Dj 7th Wonder Says:

    Hi, I would Love Too Hear My Mix Play On Radio (BUT HOW?)

  48. Zenande Says:

    I want to be a newsreade but its difficult to find a college here in cape doing matric this yr nd im capable to become a xhosa news because i enjoy reading stories

  49. louisa oasi Says:

    i am a cameroonian singer of rnb living in france , proposing you my new songs. or or
    you can give me an e mail adress for mp3 downloads.
    sincere greetings and thanks.

  50. Don Skinny Says:

    I am a radio host who is hosting several shows on Air ,but to be specifics,Reggae vibes,Request Time and Strings of love Talk show on Greena 94.5 FM in University campus Radio in a community in Ghana. I want the opportunity to come to SA and do some volunteering programs to have an international exposure.What is next available package for me..Don Skinny is my name.

  51. lebo Says:

    Hi, I want to know where can get it in durban?

  52. p.gambit Banks Says:

    hey there…im a rapper from RSA….im a15years old…I’ll be turning 16 in march….and i would like to send my music to you….

  53. p.gambit Banks Says:

    hey…im a 15year old rapper…and i want to my tracks to heard and win awards……can you help me out?

  54. Blanchard Says:

    Greetings to all

    As of lately I been listening to a lot of very different and diverse artists on the show and there talents and skill with poetry has been rather inspiring so much so that I too wish to be on the show so I was wondering on what I will have to do to be there live on air exposing my self to a exciting experience and a wonderful opportunity to get a bit of recognition for my rhythm and poetry…thank you for your time

  55. bushradio Says:

    Please send an email with your details to

  56. khanyiso Says:

    I want to perform my hip hop song on your radio station

  57. khanyiso Says:

    I want perform my track

  58. tracy:) Says:

    Just wana say hey 🙂 .. im a complete fan luv Friday morning trance session 🙂 .. puts a massive smule on my face … luv Josh .. If needs a date .. il be happy to go out with him … hav a super day guys 🙂

  59. NZUZO Says:

    Which subject i suppose to have if I’m interested to be a radio presenter

    • bushradio Says:

      There are no specific subjects, but media studies, history, a good general knowledge all help. Post matric there are some places that offer broadcast training.

  60. eliud Says:

    am a new artists i wound like to send one of my swahili song to be played on your radio station. . what should i do?

  61. Wesley Says:

    Hey Bush Radio !!

    Thank you so much for reading this, my name is wesley AKA Redbot and i have made an official remix of New Hero’s Chasing Hurricanes, im from Cape Town and would love to know if you guys would be interested in taking a listen !!

    Its up for free download 🙂

    Kind Regards
    Wesley Bissolati

  62. Dan Says:

    Please shout out to David ward

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