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Looking back, marching forward


It has been a busy few months since we started the Bush Radio blog with WordPress. We hope that this platform has brought you more ways to interact with the “mother of community radio in Africa”.

Click on the links below to have a look at some of posts over the past few months and let us know how we can improve your station.

Also remember you can check out our facebook group and Zoopy page, for more pictures and videos.

July 2009 – Lending a helping hand

August 2009 – The Dream Big competition

September 2009 – Shiraaz finding his Africaness, 10 days / 10 presenters and Gugs Youth Radio etc

October 2009 – Launch of the news Bush Radio site and Deutsche Welle training at Bush Radio

November 2009 – Radio in Zimbabwe and Selling your soul

December 2009 – Our pledge drive (on-going) and MKK 2009

2010 is bound to be an exciting year!


10 days / 10 presenters wrap up (Slide show with Audio)


Friday the 18th September saw the last of the 10 days / 10 presenters slot of Bush Radio 89.5 FM. It was a huge success judging by the response and we will definitely be doing something similar soon.

Below you can see and listen to the guys who were in studio with Shiraaz for the two weeks. (CLICK HERE or on pic for the slide show with AUDIO)

tight crop

Everyone gets a little crazy


As part of her stint as the 8th, 10 days / 10 presenters winner Lucinda Manuel had the opportunity to interview local rock group Lunatic Tower in studio this morning. CLICK HERE or on picture to view the video.


Helping you to crunch credit


Kamiel Waggie, 7th winner of the 10 days / 10 presenters competition (who also moonlights as a debt counsellor) gives us tips on dodging debt. (CLICK HERE or on picture)

shaz khamiel

Artists interview artists


hc keeno shaz

Musician, comedian and actor Keeno-Lee Hector surprised Bush Radio by entering the 10 days / 10 presenters competition. Today he joined Shiraaz as the 4th winner.

Besides doing the usual segments of the programme Keeno-Lee and Shiraaz also interviewed hip hop artist Hugo Da Conceição Chichava, aka HC.

CLICK HERE or on the picture to watch their discussion.

Wind and rain (+ slow public transport) couldn’t keep her away


ashleigh shaz

Cape Town’s bad weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of the first winner of the “10days /10 presenters” competition even though she arrived at Bush Radio this morning, wet and cold, after being stuck in the traffic.

“It was a very enlightening experience,” says Ashleigh Davids, after co-hosting Bush Radio’s breakfast show, It’s All Good with Shiraaz earlier this morning.

 “I learnt that you have to be on your feet and produce something that will educate and entertain your listeners, as well as producing a good show for the radio station and yourself as a DJ,” says Davids.

 As a journalist with a keen interest in the entertainment industry matched with a love of music, Ashleigh says radio broadcasting is a career option she would like to explore. (CLICK HERE or ON PICTURE to see Ashleigh in action)

Listeners who will co-host with Shiraaz


Congratulations to the listeners who will be in studio with Shiraaz to co-host the breakfast show on Bush Radio 89.5 FM.

Monday 7/9 – Ashleigh Davids

Tuesday 8/9 – Colleen Smith

Wednesday 9/9 – Shiraz Ramjee

Thursday 10/9 – Keeno-Lee Hector

Friday 11/9 – Mfundo Mpathani

Monday 14/9 – Randall Mitchell

Tuesday 15/9 – Khamiel Waggie

Wednesday 16/9 – Lucinda Manuel

Thursday 17/9 – Bianca Meyjes

Friday 18/9 – Michelle Esau

Tune in and give them your support.

Co-host our breakfast show


cohost with shaz copy

Victor J is going on holiday from Monday (for two weeks!) and because Shiraaz does not like being alone we would like to offer a listener a spot to co-host.

If you would like to co-host with him, e-mail your details (name, contact number) as well as why we should select you and which day you are available to by 15h00 today (04 September 2009) to stand a chance of being in studio with the breakfast show.

You need to be available between 07h00 and 09h00.

The winners will co-host one weekday morning with Shiraaz.