Are you happy with the proposed local music quotas? ICASA invites your input.

UPDATE: ICASA has granted an extension on written submissions
new deadline: 31 AUGUST 2015
chad saaiman vodfunfest alThe Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) have recently called upon individuals and groups to make written input into the draft regulations on South African music content (ie quotas)

The regulations will guide all radio stations in SA as to how much local music they must play.

Highlights of the proposed regulations are:

  • Community radio 80% local (eg Bush Radio*, Zibonele, CCFM etc)
  • Commercial radio 35% local (eg KFM, Heart, Smile, Highveld, YFM)
  • SABC “Commercial” 35% local (Metro FM, 5FM + Good Hope FM)
  • SABC Public radio 70% local.(excl SABC “commercial” above)

Written representations with regard to the draft regulations must be submitted to ICASA by the14 August 2015. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

Enquiries should be directed to 011 566-3259; between 10h00 and 16h00, Monday to Friday.

Persons submitting written representations are asked to indicate whether they want to make oral presentations as well.

*Bush Radio currently plays a minimum of 50% local music.

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4 Responses to “Are you happy with the proposed local music quotas? ICASA invites your input.”

  1. Alleezha Roderiuq Says:

    ja ek dink suid afrikaansi hip hop of r& b ienige zaandra moet gespeel word en hullle moet ons meer inlig van die scene my bru van die western kaap os kannie jozi toegan net om vi musiek ti regerster nie ek dink die music industree is unfair hie is klompie tallent innie wes kaap so wat iets gebeur van wat jou vertel van die hiphopkoppepel hie innie town my bra allhoewel hulle inlig is hulle sal os mense terug hou van die informasie .ek kom baie jaarre in die ding het mic.’s geruk saam moet godessa .sammy spark.toxic lung .jits finger .ancient men. black development of cape .maar wat hulle verkeerd doen is …….was die verlede…soe nou os is die toekoms en os sallie move beplan . kry i crew bymika wat permie vi os lat wiet diesssie move .kry i organisasie wat saam moet tallent werk of hoe .ons kannie verkeerdtie. stig die regte rekord label innie town. free rekording. free oppertunities . van os het skill .os mense willie geld betaal virriding waar hulle self opppe skarril is.zy sien stel gou i punt en soe ontwikkel os. begin gewoonte raak aan die span en nou kan ons begin moet bus trip vir die syphers . begin optree .parkjams bywoon. lat die hiphopkoppe wiet wat gat af …daar bou jy al kla i fanbase soe maklik soes dai…

  2. Yunique Dachanell Says:

    I believe in my opinion, that it does not matter what type of radio station it is. They should pass a law that radio stations should play 80% local like in the UK and USA. When we want to get our music aired then it is difficult because they play local music before international.

  3. Tiffany molifie Says:

    Hello my name is Tiffany Molifie and i have been managing two rapper (Henry and Hillary) artists. They are extremely talented and also attend the univeristy of cape town. Hillary known as hilzy has also gotten 18k views and alot of fans love his music. Please contact me and i will gladly send you a few tracks. Lets spice up cape towns music 🙂

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