Dutch journalism students visit the Mother

Zane Ibrahim (centre) with Sive Msolo & Dennis Kofi (who helped with the tour) and the Dutch students

A group of enthusiastic Dutch journalism students from the Windesheim University in Zwolle visited the Bush Radio offices yesterday to learn more about the history and workings of Bush Radio.

Former Managing Director and current board member Zane Ibrahim gave an insightful talk about the challenges Bush Radio had to overcome. Ibrahim also spoke about the purpose of Bush Radio and the strong belief in the station being the voice of the community.

The visit included a tour around the offices, and the students were able to experience exactly what Bush Radio is all about. One of the students, Liza Voppen, said: “I would love to come and visit Bush Radio again during my stay in Cape Town, so that I can shadow one of the producers and see what it is they really do.”

Two of the students had a short interview during Sakhisizwe regarding their visit to Cape Town.

The students chatting with Zane

Another student Genna Bostelaar said, “ I didn’t know what to expect when we went to Bush Radio, but I very soon understood that this is more than just radio making. The things Bush Radio does for the community are great and I really think it’s for a good cause. It’s also interesting to see how they work and how the people that work here become part of Bush Radio. I think that a lot of Dutch journalism students would be very pleased to take an internship here.”

The students ended off the visit by chatting to Zane at the “big table*”, asking him various questions, including his availability for an interview regarding the history of Bush Radio and his life. They left the station with a clear idea as to what community radio and Bush Radio is about.

*The “Big Table” is an area at Bush Radio occupied by a large table where open discussion, frank debates and meetings are held.

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