Change by design – check out dsgnM@ttrs on 89.5FM

Modila* and Bush Radio 89.5FM have launched a programme which creates a platform for debate and discussion around design called dsgnM@ttrs.

With Cape Town being named as the 2014 Design Capital, focus is falling on the design field, where South Africa is arguably behind in comparison to the international design market.

One of the problems that plague the industry is a general misconception and misuse on the concept of ‘design’, and a general lack of understanding within the South African business environment on the potential of design.

We need to start talking about design, and what it can do. How would you define the concept of ‘design’, and how do we use design to raise social issues?

Tune in every Thursday at 2:30pm for dsgnM@ttrs on 89.5fm or online via

*MoDILA, ‘Africa’s cradle for design and leadership excellence’. dsgnM@ttrs is the flagship discussion platform of MODILA and Bush Radio.”

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2 Responses to “Change by design – check out dsgnM@ttrs on 89.5FM”

  1. Andrea Couvert Says:

    I think that it is necessary to begin a discussion about this article (see the link). I believe that the positive energy and wide participation and expectations created in the bidding phase of Design Word Capital risk of being replaced by a structure which is both, bureaucratic and reserved for few partners.How is it possible to develop a new idea of the city if not by using an approach that includes the most people possible? It is not so crucial to see brilliant ideas born in the minds of experts, but rather to start a process of generating ideas and propose innovations without be scared by conflicts and different interests. Those can be pierced together to connect pieces of our divided and beautiful city.

    • Claire Says:

      Dear Andrea,

      Thank you for your response. DsgnM@ttrs wants to get South Africans thinking and talking about the implications of the Design World Capital. As you have mentioned, it is crucial that people – not a select few, but a diverse collection of communities – become involved in making the event effective. We will be hosting the third Bush Radio Dsgnm@ttrs talk on this very same topic (with Gavin Silber possibly present). Please phone in and voice your opinion. We need to hear the voices of the public. The Bush radio number is 021 448 5450. They also have a twitter account, where listeners are posting.

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