Join us to discuss climate change #COP17

Join Bush Radio and Radio Zibonele in Khayelitsha as we discuss; What is climate change? What is all the fuss about? How you can get involved. This is a first of a series of public dialogues by Bush Radio 89.5FM  leading up to the COP17 conference.

for more information call 021 4485450.

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One Response to “Join us to discuss climate change #COP17”

  1. Shanice Mouton Says:

    Climate Change treaties is very important to ensure the health of the earth and the people who live in it. I am however certain that things will not change since States are realist and act in self interest. We need to adopt a solid policy that ensures the cooperation of states and not just saying they will. There are 7 billion people living on only 30% of the earth surface. We are over populated. Let us unite and just do what is required and stop acting in self interest.

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