Bush and the Great Deluge

When the Breakfast Team and Logistics team leader Victor J came to the office on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, he knew that the day would live up to its “Mal Wednesday” name.

During the night a water fitting which had been replaced by our landlord a few months ago burst. The resulting flood left the admin office, toilets and part of the music library covered in water.

Victor J and Dennis Kofi checking the damage in the admin office

Singer Auriol Hays was waiting to co-host the Breakfast Show with Victor, while the team started mopping up and assessing the damage to the building and equipment. Unfortunately, due to the amount of water, the station may take a while to dry out and be fully functional (If you can help click here).

Amanda Kili surveys some of the damage

The trainees have decided that playing any music by Wet, Wet, Wet might be a bad idea right now.

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9 Responses to “Bush and the Great Deluge”

  1. ben Says:

    sorry to hear about the deluge, hope you were not drowned by it

  2. Odd One Out Says:

    Hope all your electronic equipment is still intact…

    • bushradio Says:

      We have taken some damage and are assessing it now. Hold thumbs.

      • Odd One Out Says:

        I don’t want to miss my weekly dose of the Sublime Drum and Bass show… *holding thumbs*

      • bushradio Says:

        don’t worry, station still on-air even if we have use a drum.

  3. Tracey Says:

    Sorry to hear about it! The people are drowning in their shacks! Maybe it’s time for a move?

  4. Brendt Says:

    Hi sorr to hear about your damage but u need to use a mop not a cricket bat

  5. Mfundo Says:

    sorry bafethu to hear that, hope things will be sharp sharp soon.

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