Johnny Issel: Everything that was noble in the Struggle

Bush Radio is joining many organisations and individuals in paying tribute to the memory of Johnny Issel (born 17 August 1946 – 23 January 2011) who passed away on Sunday the 23rd January 2011.

We will be airing a discussion with Mr Issel tonight 24 January 2011 at 8pm on 89.5 FM.

A mentor to many, Mr Issel was one of the greatest organisers in our struggle against apartheid; a teacher, a student activist, a trade union and community organiser, one of the founders of Grassroots and the United Democratic Front (UDF).

We feel the words of those closest to him can best summarise what he meant to those that knew him.

Click on a name below to hear the thoughts of some of the people who attended his funeral today (24 January 2011) in Kensington.

Leila Issel (Daughter)   –   Allan Boesak   –   Trevor Manuel  

Ryland Fisher   –   Mildred Lesiea   –   James Matthews

Ruth Lewin   –   Salie Manie   –   Tyrone Appolis 

Cecil Esau   –   Frank Smith   –   Jean Swanson Jacobs

Mike Mulligan   –   Reggie September   –   Steve Carolus


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4 Responses to “Johnny Issel: Everything that was noble in the Struggle”

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  2. leila Issel Says:

    An unforgettable Man, Father and Freedom Fighter who had romantic eyes and ideas for his country. A brilliant mind, amongst our most unique fathers definately.

    May you find your peace wherever you find yourself today, we think of you more than often and miss you inbetween. Its hard to let go, but we must, your essence it still lingers, your beliefs, they still haunt, the ones you left us for, they still finding their way.

    Its hard, sometimes the hardness makes the air thicker and the emotions more apparant. I don’t know how other children deal with the death of a parent, I think death is ridiculous 🙂 I miss you dad 🙂 its not the same without you 🙂

    Thank you for the gifts you taught and bestowed me, they work, always and forever, I love you 🙂

  3. Ghairo Daniels Says:

    Leila, what beautiful words ~ I will never forget the healing I was called to do with Johnny just before he passed. When I met him at the entrance to his Kenilworth flat, he looked at me taken aback as he did not know I too had vitiligo. He could hardly walk but wanted to help me carry the healing bed up the stairs ~ He was soo funny ~ he knew he could’nt but still insisted ~ then the caretaker helped me. The flat was sparsely furnished and he only one one cup or so it seemed ~ but he offered me a cup of water as if it was the last cup of water on Earth – His bed was clothed in white linen ~ everything was absolutely sparse ~ It felt like a piece of Heaven ~ so holy, so open, so clean ~ I knew he was fully ready to pass on & over. His eyes pierced mine & my Soul bled for he ~ surely he had passed into the realm of Rumi, Kahlil Gibran ~ He had lived FULLY. He was sitting on a fold up canvas chair. When I asked why he waited in the cold at the entrance ~ he replied that he got up at 4am to wait for me ~ He knew full well that our appointment was only at 10am as he had called the day earlier to confirm the time. We conversed a bit about healing & the differences in energy waves. He said he wanted to experience the difference between Reiki & Seichem, but that he mostly wanted me to do The Reconnection. Johnny could just about manage to climb the healing table. My heart was poring with tears for this incredible soul. When he listened to my explanations he was listening to the strings of my Heart~ It was the most ASTOUNDING Opportunity God Almighty had given me ~ no-one else listened to me the way he had listened » except maybe Madiba, but Madiba listened with humour & joy ~ Johnny listened with his nerves, no, with his quivering pupils as if he was about to pounce on any dot of untruth but also with intensely profound respect = Then the healing began ~ Spirit took me straight into the Reconnection ~ I worked on the strings & strands in his brain » He went into a deep complete whole state of absolute Peace – The room shone with an effervescent angelic green light ~ Extremely High up Angelic Forces were all around » We merged with ALL THAT IS ~ our cells were one with all of Humanity = all the loose ends in his brain was connected now with Univeral Mind. We had dissolved with Spirit- his skin became luminous. The Sun was now shining brightly. It was done. He was ready for his Maker. Beloved Johnny ~ thank you for remaining one of my Guides to this day. I love U.

  4. Bushradio 89.5 FM Says:

    […] Johnny Issel: Everything that was noble in the Struggle […]

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