Hamba Kahle Vincent Kolbe

One of the original trustees of Bush Radio 89.5 FM, activist, librarian and musician Vincent Kolbe passed away on Friday the 3 September 2010.

Vincent was instrumental in helping to form the Bush Radio community radio station project and guide it through one of the most challenging periods in the birth of community radio in South Africa.

His contribution to give all the people of South Africa a voice through community radio should never be forgotten and we at Bush Radio have always felt his presence; from his calls to the station just to chat or share programme ideas.

Vince, thank you – we will miss you.

Updated: Read story on Bush Radio News site

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6 Responses to “Hamba Kahle Vincent Kolbe”

  1. John Edwin Mason Says:

    Sad news, indeed. He’ll be mourned by many people, including some, like me, from overseas.

    Vincent was a man of many parts. I knew him as a musician and historian. Like many others, I beat a path to his door, when I started research on books about the Cape Town Carnival and about music and politics in Cape Town. He welcomed me with open arms and shared his unequaled knowledge of the city and its people. His generosity was amazing.

  2. Beverley Scott Says:

    Rest in Peace Vince.

  3. Lumko Mtimde Says:

    It is indeed sad to hear of the departure of Cde Vince. I had the priviledge of working with Cde Vince when we started Bush Radio, when I was both the Chairperson and the Treasurer of the Bush Radio Board. I learnt a lot from Cde Vince, as a brother, elderly and a seasoned leader. During times where we were under serious pressure as Bush Radio, Cde Vince together with our lawyer at the Cde Essa Moosa, will guide us and advise us on how best to tackle the challenges we confronted. We owe the success of Bush Radio to likes of Cde Vince, the late Cde Edric Gorfinkel and others. As we pay tribute to Cde Vince, we must remember Cde Edric Gorfinkel, Cde Tshepo Rantho, Cde Chris Gutuza and a number of all those who have led the community media sector at a time when it was risk to be part of the sector.
    Hamba kahle Vincent Kolbe. Usibulisele koo Edric nooTshepo nooChris, etc. Lala ngoxolo. We will always ensure that we pick up your spear and continue to struggle for media development and diversity.

  4. DonnaKay Lee Says:

    Kolbe – forever making lemonade. A legend in his time.

  5. Virginia Southwood Says:

    Vincent will always be remembered. We had great times at Holy Cross Parish Club. We had a great time when he came to visit Toronto Canada, years ago, as well. A year ago, when I phoned him to wish him Happy Birthday, he played one of my favourite songs, ” I thought about you”. Just an amazing Man. He will be remembered and loved always.

  6. Bushradio 89.5 FM Says:

    […] Hamba Kahle Vincent Kolbe […]

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