MKK2009 buzzing

Graffiti artist MAK1 engages in debate with a MKK2009 participant

The Media Kidocracy Konference 2009 is into its fourth day and things are hotting up.

Over fifty young people from as young as 12 years of age are participating in the various activities such as television, online, graffiti, photography and of course radio.

Victor J and Shiraaz Ismail introducing participants to the production studio

These activities are aimed at giving them different skills to enable them to use various forms of media to express their understanding of issues that affect them.

16 year-old Jamie-Lee James is hard at work in the online group focusing on child labour as their topic. “I’m doing online research about child labour and thereafter I need to write an article for the blog,” said an enthusiastic James.

She says the experience is awesome as she uses online tools like twitter to promote her ideas, something she says she only dreamt of. Amongst the other topics covered by MKK 2009 participants as part the production workshops are gender based violence and substance abuse.

Some MKK2009 participants get down to planning their media productions

Another participant in the MKK 2009 programme, 10 year-old Athenkosi Tshenese says she is extremely happy to be part of this year’s activities. “We learnt a lot of stuff with different topics in a very exciting way, which is very interactive and child friendly,” said Tshenese. Tshenese says she wants to be a social worker when she grows up because she wants to help her community with their problems.

The conference will end Friday the 18th December 2009

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