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Finding your Africanness in Zimbabwe


We need to categorically deny the rumour that Shiraaz Ismail from the Breakfast Show and our administrator Brenda Leonard eloped together and are having their honeymoon at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe as Victor joked this morning.

The truth is Brenda and Shiraaz are hard at work helping get another community radio on air in Zimbabwe.

As one of Bush Radio’s aims is to help develop the community radio sector a longtime supporter of our station, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) asked if we could assist Radio Dialogue in Zimbabwe.

Shiraaz and Brenda have been in Bulawayo for almost two weeks now and are currently busy with programme production, psa production and news training.

Brenda Leonard evaluating programmes with Radio Dialogue staff and volunteers

Brenda Leonard evaluating programmes with Radio Dialogue staff and volunteers

As everyone was very interested to know what the Shaz has been up to we asked him to send us some info on his Zimbabwe experience.

This is what he sent:

29/09/2009 Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

A plane just bigger than a mini bus taxi should be pretty safe right?
Well I’m telling you that it is.
Except for one thing. The darn thing shakes more than hamster on heat.
The only thing that kept me in my seat was the polite smile of the friendly air hostess.
The view from up high is amazing. It’s summer time here in Zimbabwe at the moment so the colours are fading into grey.
There are trees everywhere and they come in two different colours.
Green and purple.
The people are much friendlier than the average South African even though they have more reason not to be.

Radio Dialogue is a community radio station in Bulawayo which is in the process of getting a broadcasting license.
They are currently broadcasting for an hour a day and will hopefully be live 24 hours a day pretty soon.
The staff has an incredible amount of knowledge about local and world issues as can be heard in the radio programmes that they produce.

Lunch time is pretty interesting here in Zimbabwe.
Firstly you are not really spoiled for choice when it comes to food which is understandable considering the economic situation.

Secondly, they are currently using foreign exchange as their currency as they have phased out their national currency i.e. the Zim Dollar.
So get this. When you buy something to and pay for it, you could get your change in one of four different currencies!
It’s kind of like a lucky packet with the US dollar being the best prize.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to sit in on the Intwasa which in translation means spring time.
The Intwasa festival is an art festival celebrating local Zimbabwean art…
I had the honour of meeting a few artists, musicians, poets and crazy people who call themselves artists.
Poetry is huge here which is understandable.
Everyone has a story to tell here in Zim.

So being a young South African male, when Saturday night arrived I was overcome by the sudden need to shake what my momma gave me.
So plans were made to visit a local jazz bar called Cape to Cairo.
The music was amazing and I was lucky enough to be able to sing along to a few songs. Some of the songs were South African which was really cool.

Sundays are really mellow up here much like SA.
Most of the people are in church and don’t really walk around.
As they say, Sundays are known as the day of recovery LOL

One week left here in Zim and I’m really looking forward to it.
Jingle and PSA workshops are my specialty as I am the sound guy at Bush Radio and that is what lies ahead for the training. The staff are fast learners and are teaching me a few things as we go along.

Things in Zim seem really bad from the outside looking in and is mostly because of the negative images that we are exposed to via the media.
I am glad to tell you that during my stay here I haven’t once felt like my life was in danger.
I am glad to tell you that during my stay here I have made a few friends that I know will make me a better person.
I am glad to say that during my stay here my my views on Zimbabwe, and the people of this beautiful country have changed.

And most of all, I am glad to say that I AM AN AFRICAN! HEAR ME ROAR!

Shiraaz “Shaz” Ismail currently co-hosts the breakfast programme on Bush Radio 89.5 FM with Victor J and is interning in the Logistics Department and is also part of the music group Shaz & B.

We host Gugs Youth Radio


On Monday the 28th September 2009, Bush Radio had the pleasure of hosting youths between the ages of 9 and 18 years old from Gugulethu.

Finding a voice to the dream: A Gugulethu Youth Radio trainee tries out the drama studio

Finding a voice to the dream: A Gugulethu Youth Radio trainee tries out the drama studio

Some of these young people are members of the Fezeka School choir, who were part of a film project called Fezeka’s Voice. (The film portrays the story of a school teacher’s devotion to his school and choir throughout his teaching career. In so doing, the teacher gives children pride and confidence through laughter, love and song.)

 The young people came to Bush Radio as part of a fledgling initiative called Gugulethu Youth Radio, which was formed to commemorate the 50 years that have passed since the township’s creation by the former apartheid regime. They hope to produce and broadcast a series of programmes for, and by the young people of Gugulethu.

As part of their training they came on a tour of the station since Bush Radio is renowned for its role in media education and also as being the home of one of the first radio programmes run by young people: CREW (Children’s Radio Workshop).

Adrian Louw guides the GYR participants through the on-air studio

Adrian Louw guides the GYR participants through the on-air studio

Bush Radio Programme Integrator Adrian Louw, says this is a continuation of the stations effort to development young people to use media effectively.

 What started off as a basic tour soon turned into a workshop with Louw showing the young people how sound works and some tips and ideas on recording.

In response to questions about how she felt about Bush Radio, 14 year old participant Zama Shenge said: “The thought of being on radio makes me feel free, like nothing is holding me back”.

The Gugulethu project, initiated by All Living Things, aims to empower and uplift the youth to bring about positive social change. Keep an eye on this blog to see how this project develops and how Bush Radio is involved.

10 days / 10 presenters wrap up (Slide show with Audio)


Friday the 18th September saw the last of the 10 days / 10 presenters slot of Bush Radio 89.5 FM. It was a huge success judging by the response and we will definitely be doing something similar soon.

Below you can see and listen to the guys who were in studio with Shiraaz for the two weeks. (CLICK HERE or on pic for the slide show with AUDIO)

tight crop

Red Riding Hood and her “alternative household”


Do you want bedtime stories that are not sexist, racist, culturalist, nationalist, regionalist, ageist, lookist, sizeist, intellectualist, or filled with any other type of bias?

1 logo RED

Tune into Bush Radio 89.5 FM tonight (Wednesday 16/09/2009) at 8pm for part one of the hysterical Politically Correct Bedtime stories by James Finn Garner.

You will find out more about Red Riding Hood and her “alternative household” and how the Three Little Pigs became “porcinistas”.

Another highlight will be the lullaby versions of AC/DC and Beatles songs featured as breaks between stories.

Everyone gets a little crazy


As part of her stint as the 8th, 10 days / 10 presenters winner Lucinda Manuel had the opportunity to interview local rock group Lunatic Tower in studio this morning. CLICK HERE or on picture to view the video.


Helping you to crunch credit


Kamiel Waggie, 7th winner of the 10 days / 10 presenters competition (who also moonlights as a debt counsellor) gives us tips on dodging debt. (CLICK HERE or on picture)

shaz khamiel

Sharing our views on Caster


 We decided to share a memo that was sent to all our volunteers at the station. Let us know what you think.

 Attn: All Presenters / Producers / Newsteam

 11 September 2009

Caution before talking about CASTER SEMENYA on air.

I encourage you to deal with this issue sensitively. We must not ridicule something that is a medical condition or that is based on a leaked, unsubstantiated and unconfirmed report at this time.

Let us not jump into this frenzy created by the mainstream media.

Below is some information on Intersex, but again I remind you that at this time 11/09/2009, 08h00 – it is speculation as whether this even applies to Caster.




Adrian Louw

Bush Radio 89.5 FM

Programme Integrator

Some info:

What is intersex?

Intersexuality is a general term that can relate to various conditions. Many intersexed people are born with ambiguous genitalia, or sex organs that are not clearly female or male.

What is the difference between “hermaphrodite” and “intersex”?

“Hermaphrodite” was a term that was commonly used in the past to describe and consequently oppress intersexed people. Illustrations of hermaphrodites usually depicted people that were born half female and half male however intersexed people are not born with two complete sets of genitalia. Many intersexed people are born with ambiguous genitalia, or sex organs that are not clearly female or male. Intersexed is a general term that can relate to various conditions and is now used as the non-discriminatory alternative to “hermaphrodite”.

How common is intersexuality in South Africa?

It is believed that South Africa has more intersexed people than most countries in the world.

Here in South Africa, one person in every 50 has sex organs that doctors think are not typical. This is not really a problem. Think for example of some people, women and men, who have more than one nipple.

In South Africa, it is believed that 1 in 500 people are born intersexed.

How does it happen?

Intersexuality can be caused by a variety of medical syndromes, however, more commonly than not doctors do not know why people are born intersexed.

Source: Intersex SOUTH AFRICA

Artists interview artists


hc keeno shaz

Musician, comedian and actor Keeno-Lee Hector surprised Bush Radio by entering the 10 days / 10 presenters competition. Today he joined Shiraaz as the 4th winner.

Besides doing the usual segments of the programme Keeno-Lee and Shiraaz also interviewed hip hop artist Hugo Da Conceição Chichava, aka HC.

CLICK HERE or on the picture to watch their discussion.

Reminder about the Matric Revision programme


Shiraz Ramjee who is the 3rd co-host in the 10 days / 10 presenters competition makes an appeal to listeners to get anyone who is involved in Matric to tune into Bush Radio’s Matric Revision programme. (CLICK ON PICTURE TO VIEW VIDEO)

shiraz shaz

Those details again:

To help Grade 12 learners prepare for the 2009 National Senior Certificate examinations, Bush Radio 89.5 FM together with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will broadcasting programmes focusing on examination subjects and examination techniques.

Subject specialists will be in studio to answer your questions and help with subject content, examination techniques and study tips.

Listeners can participate in the programme by calling 021 448 6266 / SMS 32158 / e-mail:

The programmes air every Tuesday and Thursday on 89.5 FM from 16h00 to 17h00.

Edited recordings of the broadcast will be available from the WCED e-learning website at

All matric subjects will be covered.

Still keeping you dry (another competition)


The winners of the last Huggies giveaway:

1.Gerhard Paulse
2. Masonwabe Tshazi
3. Jason Jacobs

If you entered the lucky draw and didn’t win, here is your chance again!

Bush Radio has managed to secure another 4 hampers for you.

So if you would like to win 1 of the Huggies hampers valued at over R 1000, sms the keyword DRY, plus your name to 32158 to stand a chance of winning in our lucky draw.

The competition ends Monday the 14th September at 09h00 and the names will be announced at 10h00 in the Morning Cruise.

Enter as many times as you like!

SMS cost one rand and free minutes do not apply.

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